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Cambridge (01223 839644)


Sheffield  (0114 360 2428)


Central eFax: 020 7900 2024


Vat No: 876 9313 76


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need great coffee

We are members of this national trade body

We adopt and apply the NCASS Code of Practice

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Call us on 0114 360 2428   |  Email us at   |  Call us on mobile 0798 437 4249   |   Messaging service 24/7/365

Caffe Carino

Part of JFC Distribution

A trading style of SmithMartin LLP

Carthouse 3, Copley Hill Business Park

Babraham, Cambridge, CB22 3GN



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We recycle our grounds

and donate them to gardeners

as natural fertiliser.

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1. Caffe Carino will co-operate fully with all enforcement authorities to achieve high quality food safety management.


2. Caffe Carino will encourage and facilitate suitable training of all food and drink handlers to appropriate levels of skill and knowledge.


3. Caffe Carino will encourage and assist members of their professional body NCASS to work closely with the relevant enforcement authorities to secure for themselves a safe, ethical and successful food business.


As members of a national professional body Caffe Carino will...


a. Identify and appropriately monitor all temperature controlled appliances and take immediate remedial action in the event of organisational failure.


b. Ensure that all surfaces are restored to their original state of cleanliness as soon as practible thereafter.


c. Maintain orderly systems of stock rotation, making sure that all food in storage is used in turn and does not become out of place.


d. Take all reasonalble precautions to ensure that food is not exposed to risk of contamination.


e. Ensure that orderly and tidy storage and work areas are maintained - with any items not connnected with beverage and food service clearly isolated and secure.


f. Keep perishable stocks to a workable minimum.


g.To identify entrances, exits and storage areas

that could harbour pests and keep them scrupulously

maintained - that any defects in the buildings

or equipment of Caffe Carino are repaired promptly.


h. Likewise, maintain and repair all food

storage and preparation areas and equipment

to appropriate standards.

How we deliver your coffee - Code of Practice

We have adopted and

apply the NCASS Code

of Practice to our business